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Jen Bunce

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  • #MeToo
  • People do not generally live in their actions, the present moment. They live in the past or in the future. Though they seem to be doing something now, here, they live somewhere else in their thoughts, in their imaginary problems or worries, usually in the memories of the past or in desires and speculations about the future. Therefore they do no live in, nor enjoy, what they do at the moment. So they are unhappy and discontented with the present moment, with the work at hand, and naturally they cannot give themselves fully to what they appear to be doing.-What the Buddha Taught 📿📖
In other words, think less, chill out more, and smile, because you’re actively in the present moment and it sure is beautiful 🌟💕🤙🏻 #WordsofWisdom
  • Got to enjoy this slice of paradise all to myself 🌞💦 #MondayBlues
  • Beach • Daze • Always ⛱🌴☀️💭
  • My new hobby lately has been taking some time out of my day to write in a journal. I always have a journal with me on my travels for when I write down my random, pondering life thoughts, or my stories. But, I decided to make it a therapeutic ritual during my quiet "me" time to write whatever I'm feeling or thinking in the moment, or just wanting to vent, or to just express what's going on in my day
I forgot how beneficial and cathartic it is to just write down your thoughts on the daily, even if just a page or two. Especially, when you have feelings you want to get off your chest or thoughts you're trying to make sense of. Your mini little therapist
When you release those feelings and thoughts on paper, I promise you will spend the rest of your day feeling a lot lighter and more liberated than you did before, because those thoughts or feelings no longer consume you as the superior force. You understand your thoughts and feelings more, and then you get to enjoy the rest of your care free day 🌟🌴🤙🏻 #HappySaturday
  • If you catch me smiling today, it's because I'm dreaming I'm here 💕😁🤙🏻 #AlohaFriday
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