North Shore

Holiday in North Shore

Holiday in North Shore

The holidays almost for everyone can be hectic. Sometimes you need some peace and quiet for yourself to escape the stresses that follows Christmas and New…

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Jen Bunce

A Solo Girl Traveler ➳Sharing my Passion and Tips for Travel ➳

  • Don't Stress • Do Your Best • Forget the Rest 💭☀️🌴🐚⛱ #DayDreaming
  • Summer is a state of mind 💦☀️ #TakeMeBack ✈️🌏🇦🇺
  • Feeling good ✨Feeling free 🌙🌚
  • On permanent cruise control. Where you can find me 👣😎✌🏻🌴 #AlohaFriday
  • Live and Love Life 💕⚓️☀️💦🛥| My thoughts and prayers with Barcelona right now 💔🇪🇸Stop the hate ✋
  • Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.- Dr. Seus | Missing Hawaii 🌺🌴🍍
👩🏻‍💻How to Slow Down and Have Fun, Kauai Style 😎🌴🤙🏻
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