North Shore

Holiday in North Shore

Holiday in North Shore

The holidays almost for everyone can be hectic. Sometimes you need some peace and quiet for yourself to escape the stresses that follows Christmas and New…

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Jen Bunce

A Travel Blogger➳Kicking it in Hawai'i➳Sharing my Aloha Experience➳

  • My backyard 💦👣🌈🔆
  • Lovely day 🎶😎✨🌴💕
  • Cruizin back to Cali like ✌🏻😎#Saturdaze
  • Swaggin with my crew 🥃❤️🥂💁🏼🙆🏻 #BackInCali
  • I Cooooommmee 👣😎🌴🤙🏻 #GoodToBeHome
  • Words can't really express my true feelings  about living here in Hawaii. A selfish year I gave to myself that gave me time to heal from the bad experiences I had in my life. And as challenging and up and down as it has been, this experience here in Hawaii shaped me into a stronger person than I was before, and brought me back to my real self. I am also fortunate to have met such amazing people here that I will cherish forever. They also helped shape me into the person I am today. 
And I've never felt more alive and ready to embark on this next journey in my life all thanks to my time here in Hawaii. I feel honored and blessed to have been able to embrace this beautiful culture here. Everyone moves to Hawaii for different reasons and I'm so glad I found mine. 
Dad I did it! I moved to this heavenly place on earth all for you, and glad I was able to fulfill your dream for us to live in your favorite place. And thanks to your dream, I ended up finding mine. If you find yourself itching to move or visit Hawaii, please follow through, you won't regret it⚡️ Moving to Hawaii, maybe wasn't what I expected, or thought i wanted, but it was exactly what I needed 💕🌊🌴🌈🍍🌺 Cheers to always riding the wave of life and embracing growing up, and loving yourself more each year ✨

Can't wait to see loved ones in Cali then spending the summer in Europe yew! ✈️🌏 Aloha in my heart always and forever ❤️ Love my Ohana 🤙🏻 #tbt #BonVoyage
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