How to Slow Down and Have Fun, Kauai Style

How to Slow Down and Have Fun, Kauai Style

I have been feeling pretty stagnate lately on O’ahu. Been working so much and haven’t felt inspired or had any time to explore more here…

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  • My backyard 💦👣🌈🔆
  • Lovely day 🎶😎✨🌴💕
  • Cruizin back to Cali like ✌🏻😎#Saturdaze
  • Swaggin with my crew 🥃❤️🥂💁🏼🙆🏻 #BackInCali
  • California....California.....here I Cooooommmee 👣😎🌴🤙🏻 #GoodToBeHome
  • Words can't really express my true feelings  about living here in Hawaii. A selfish year I gave to myself that gave me time to heal from the bad experiences I had in my life. And as challenging and up and down as it has been, this experience here in Hawaii shaped me into a stronger person than I was before, and brought me back to my real self. I am also fortunate to have met such amazing people here that I will cherish forever. They also helped shape me into the person I am today. 
And I've never felt more alive and ready to embark on this next journey in my life all thanks to my time here in Hawaii. I feel honored and blessed to have been able to embrace this beautiful culture here. Everyone moves to Hawaii for different reasons and I'm so glad I found mine. 
Dad I did it! I moved to this heavenly place on earth all for you, and glad I was able to fulfill your dream for us to live in your favorite place. And thanks to your dream, I ended up finding mine. If you find yourself itching to move or visit Hawaii, please follow through, you won't regret it⚡️ Moving to Hawaii, maybe wasn't what I expected, or thought i wanted, but it was exactly what I needed 💕🌊🌴🌈🍍🌺 Cheers to always riding the wave of life and embracing growing up, and loving yourself more each year ✨

Can't wait to see loved ones in Cali then spending the summer in Europe yew! ✈️🌏 Aloha in my heart always and forever ❤️ Love my Ohana 🤙🏻 #tbt #BonVoyage
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