My Favorite Beaches in Portugal

My Favorite Beaches in Portugal

I have had some big changes in my life recently, I left the beautiful islands of Hawaii, to follow my next dream, and venture off to Europe, the next continent on my travel bucket list to explore. My new inspiration lately has been to discover places on the globe that a lot of people do not frequent. Luckily, a close friend of mine, who shares the same love for travel as I, had an itch to go to Portugal. I have never heard anything interesting about Portugal which instantly gave me motivation to discover a country that a lot of people do not speak about, at least in the United States of America.

As hard as it was to leave Hawaii, I knew it was time for a change. So, said my quick goodbye to the island life, spent some time in California with loved ones, (where I am from!), took a break from writing, and was getting prepared for my trip. My friend was already out there, and I met him in Lisbon, Portugal, we hopped on a bus, and started exploring the coast of Portugal.

Instantly I fell in love with this country, the culture and warm welcome the people here give is so inviting you naturally feel a strong connection to Portugal, like you are home. And it is so incredibly cheap here! Most people say, Europeans are not fans of Americans, but here in Portugal, they are so happy and thrilled to see travelers exploring their country and are happy to show you a wonderful experience. Being here, we have not received one negative interaction with anyone, everyone is so helpful and nice it’s comforting while you are visiting.

The best part of Portugal are the beaches, mediterranean style surrounded by mesmerizing cliffs that are unlike anywhere else I have ever seen. With turquoise clear waters and famous big waves that attracts all surfers and body boarders of the world to come surf. Well-known surfing competitions are held here, and surfing and body boarding is a huge part of the culture, so you will see surfing schools all over the country.

Whether you want to relax on the beach, (nudity is welcomed oh my!), kayak around the cliffs, learn to surf, shred the big waves, here are my favorite beaches in Portugal that my friend and I fell in love with instantly, and I hope will inspire you to come visit this beautiful and very special country.

Beaches in Lagos, Portugal

Fortaleza Da Ponta da Bandeira-

Walking around Lagos, Portugal, is like walking around a marina in old school Europe. Passing along the quaint town with cobble stone paths, you walk close to the marina, and see a petite fortress at the southern end of the avenue. Lagos is at the southern end of Portugal, and this fortress was built in the 17th century to protect the port. Now restored, it houses an exhibition on the Portuguese discoveries, and the chapel is dedicated to Santa Barbara for a protector against storms.

Santa Maria Beach-

A breathtaking beach that leaves you in total awe when you keep walking along the coast. Popular beach for guests at the local hotel to kick back, relax and/or kayak around the extraordinary cliffs.

Beaches in Sagres, Portugal

Praia Da Mareta-

Our next stop was in Sagres, which I felt so at home in. Our AirBnB was in a great location in town and in walking distance to this secluded paradise. Barely anyone around most of the time and a very mellow beach that is perfect for laying out and going for a quick dip.

Praia Castelejo-

We decided to rent a car and drive along the Algarve coast, which I highly recommend if you want to check out as many beaches as you can, especially for surfing. We found this hidden gem, and immediately pulled over to check out. I was just so blown away by the scenery, walking around we felt like we were a million miles away from everything.

Praia Do Beliche-

The next beach we stopped at was recommended by a friend we met in town. And boy, we were so stoked that we heard about this beach. Walking down the path, you feel as if you are slowly walking down to a hidden paradise that only few know about. We literally were pitching each other because we were so blown away but what was down below. Stunning cliffs, beautiful people laying out on the beach, a cool beach bar, and quiet turquoise waters that felt so nice and crisp jumping in after laying out in the sun all day.

We spent quite some time here at this beach since it was so hard to leave! Honestly, probably one of the most incredible beaches I have ever seen in my entire life.

Walking the Cliffs at the End of the World and Watching a Sunset-

Definitely something you cannot miss while you are in Sagres, is coming to the End of the World to check out the cliffs and watch a sunset. It was cool to realize that we were at the very corner of the country, southwestern tip of Portugal. Walking around the cliffs seemed unreal and like we were literally hanging out in one of the corners of the world. Very popular spot for locals to hang and catch a dreamy sunset while having a glass of wine from the local bar. My favorite thing in Europe during the summer is the sun sets here around 9:30pm so all the days are slower and longer.

Beach in Ericeira, Portugal

Ribeira d’Ilhas-

For all you surf lovers out there, this beach is home to one of the most famous waves in the world, as well as one of the stages held for the Surf World Championship. During the summer, the waves are small so I was able to surf yeah! Great location with a spot to rent boards and wetsuits for only about 20 Euro, as well as a surfing school, and a cool restaurant to enjoy the beach for a quick lunch break.

Beach in Peniche, Portugal


Another famous surf beach that is about an hour and a half North from Ericeira is Supertubos. Famously known for the best “tube” a very popular spot for body boarders and surfers from all over the world. This beach hosts world and national surfing since the wave here is said to be similar to North Shore’s Pipeline, so known here as the “European Pipeline.”

Beaches here in Portugal are unreal and hopefully this inspires you to come visit this cool and unique country, xoxo

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  • My month long holiday in Europe has come to an end. It was hard to leave Hawaii but I was so excited to embrace a new culture and throw myself into an adventure around Portugal, Spain, and France that I'll never forget.

I already miss the stunning beaches, the hospitality, nudity that is welcomed on the beach, the body odor that no one is ashamed to express, the endless tapas and wine, cute quaint towns, the exquisite architecture, long slow days, dreamy 10pm sunsets, I watched running with the bulls, I started learning Spanish, I threw myself more into surfing to pay my dues and get better, but what I'll miss the most is the outlook on life that Europeans live by that all Americans can learn from. 
Where people work to live, take naps, worry less, relax more, long holiday time is encouraged, loved ones enjoy long dinners and conversation. Where the long days are lived to the fullest because sun sets around 10pm. So you wake up excited for the day and end the night with a genuine smile. 
An attitude on life that I will always carry with me, and leaving me inspired to come back to Europe as much as I can to always learn more. And hopefully one day I will live here! Hasta luego Europe, until next time ✌🏻😎 ✈️ 🌏

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