My Favorite Views of Laguna Beach, California

My Favorite Views of Laguna Beach, California
Crescent Bay, Laguna Beach
Crescent Bay, Laguna Beach
Sunset in Heisler Park, Laguna Beach
Sunset in Heisler Park, Laguna Beach
Main Beach, Laguna Beach
Main Beach, Laguna Beach

Being from Orange County, California is always something I will cherish and growing up here was a constant blast. Especially, because I was fortunate enough to live so close to all the most laid back and stunning beaches in the OC. The beaches that oozes everything that makes California rad, hot and cool weather, tall palm trees, surfing, good-looking and happy people laying out, or playing around in the sun, extraordinary beach homes, the incredible coastal scenic views, the beach parties, locals really just taking advantage of living in one of the most epic places in the world. Out of all the beaches that I grew up going to, the one beach town that in my personal opinion, is the epitome of what makes Orange County so remarkable, is Laguna Beach, the hidden paradise of Southern California.

After living like a traveler for the past year and a half in Hawaii, and just coming back from an amazing holiday in Europe, I wanted nothing more than to relax comfortably in my family home and spoil myself in the alluring beauty of Laguna. The cute and charming artistic town that is home to Pageant of the Masters, Sawdust Festival, Laguna College of Art and Design, local art, fashion, photography, and amazing restaurants and hotels all along the Pacific Coast Highway. What makes Laguna Beach very special and unique, is not only how small it is, but how distinct the views are that surround this tiny gem of California. Million dollar beach homes all along the tall cliffs above that circle all the tiny beaches down below. Everywhere you turn you see what the spirit of Laguna is all about, a rich and impressive lifestyle these locals indulge in that get to soak up all the art, music, good food, attractive beaches, and constant summer weather. But the most rewarding part of being in Laguna, is the awe-inspiring scenery that leaves you wanting more and always California Dreaming.

Every time I come home, Laguna Beach is the first place I come visit. I always do the same pit stops walking around Laguna, and thought I would share photos of my favorite views of Laguna Beach, for all those California Dreamers out there that need some motivation to come visit. Laguna Beach is such a special treat xoxo

1. Main Beach

2. Heisler Park

3. Crescent Bay

4. Hiking Laguna Coast

5. Hiking Crystal Cove

6. South Laguna Beach

California…..California… I cooooooooooooooome!

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