Quick Must Do Hikes on O’ahu, Hawaii

Quick Must Do Hikes on O’ahu, Hawaii

Being back on mainland and spending time with family at home in California has been very comforting. What also has been amazing is feeling the seasons change again from summer to fall, going from the summer heat to the cool crisp air of a southern California fall. Feeling the cold weather coming upon us, has me missing Hawaii summer living quite a bit lately. Living the endless summer life on O’ahu definitely has its numerous blessings. And one of those many blessings that I always enjoyed while living in Hawaii was having easy access to fun quick hikes that offer a rewarding stunning view of the most incredible scenery of Hawaii.

Going through my old photos inspired me to share some knowledge of fun hikes here that I always recommend to friends who are visiting O’ahu or fellow travel lovers who are looking for some Hawaiian inspiration to visit one day.

There are a ton of hikes to do on O’ahu, a lot of short hikes, challenging hikes, long and strenuous, illegal, and even dangerous ones. But these hikes are slightly more on the mellow side that I always recommend to check out if you are on a short visit, or just looking for a quick hike with a gorgeous view of O’ahu that is still worth the workout and is easy to get to.

1.  Crouching Lion

Unfortunately, the boardwalk has been taken down…sad face

2. Dead Man’s Catwalk

3. Koko Head

4. Manoa Falls

5. Lanikai Pillbox Hike

6. Hanauma Bay Trail

7. Ehukai Pillbox Hike

8. Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail

9. Tom Tom Trail

10. Pu’U’Ohulu Kai Hike

11. Diamond Head Hike

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