Where to Eat, Play, and Wed in New Orleans-From Me and My Brus

Where to Eat, Play, and Wed in New Orleans-From Me and My Brus
Professional Wedding Photography by Pevee Cobia @pscobia

Bru-form of address, equivalent of dude; South African slang term for brother, equivalent to “bro”


Or in other words, our nickname for each other between me and my closest friends I have known most of my life, these hot babes above. After visiting South Africa years back, I could not stop using this slang back home with my best mates, calling everyone I loved “bru.” So, in a silly way, the dude slang stayed with us and reaffirmed our bond on a deeper level. But really, it is a perfect way to describe our obnoxious behavior when we all get together, especially after so long. As if no time has passed, and we are still those hilarious and wild girls that we used to be in high school when we get together.

My life wouldn’t be complete without these girls in it, and what makes our bond even greater, is that no matter where we end up, or how much we grow apart, we make sure to come back together and spend quality time for the big growing up life changes such as a best friend’s wedding in New Orleans!

Seeing my friends, especially all together for a celebration, there’s never a dull moment. Just pure chaos of exploring, laughing, dancing, eating, drinking, crazy adventures, everything fun and wild on a trip intertwined perfectly because after all the craziness is over, the trips always end with a reminder of the genuine love we have for each other. That you only really gain from being lucky enough to have friends that you’ve known most of your life. These are the important moments, especially when we get to experience new adventures together.

New Orleans is raw and cool, with jazz tunes on the streets and debaucheries on every corner on Bourbon Street. With beautiful old homes built in the 1800’s and cemeteries that have coffins above ground with the best comfort food like fried chicken and gumbo.

Photo from my bru @katreider
Photo from my bru @katreider
Beautiful Louisiana House my brus rented
Beautiful Louisiana House my brus rented on Camp Street

I had such an incredible time in New Orleans watching a best friend of mine, whose like a sister to me, get married to an awesome Southern guy that I also love. It was my first real time in the South, and even though I came back home exhausted, I was still feeling happy and high on life being back home from such a fun holiday. All thanks to the newly weds, and my friends, for finding a dope house and fun stuff for us to do together.

Thought I would share our fun trip with y’all just in case you might have a Southern itch to come visit beautiful New Orleans, Louisiana. If you are looking for adventure, places to drink, eat or wed, here was some of the southern treats we got to indulge in!

1.  Airboat Adventures-

Thank you to my hilarious friend, Jamie Jansen @sndy_toes, for planning an airboat ride for us that I got to do right right when I woke up in New Orleans. We got the smaller airboat to fit 6 friends, so we can race on the swamps and do 360s and hunt for gators. Unfortunately, it is hard to see them in November since they are mostly hibernating. We did get to see baby alligators though! Definitely one of my favorite things on this trip we got to do, and it is about $109 per person (with tip). Worth every penny for the adrenaline rush, and to really get a chance to see how incredibly stunning the swamps are in Louisiana.

Louisiana Swamps
Louisiana Swamps
Louisiana Swamps
Louisiana Swamps

2. Party on Bourbon Street-

This is a pretty crazy and wild place, bars opened all night, people looking for fun and also trouble. Be cautious, be safe, and responsible while drinking here. And as long as you are, this can be a really fun place to see live music and hilarious people joining together for a wild night of fun. Oh, and you will hear people screaming on their gorgeous southern French Quarter balconies, with offerings of bead necklaces in their hands hoping for a girl to flash their ta ta’s to receive them. Surprisingly, I still got beads without showing anything! But if it was the old wild me, I definitely would have participated in that Mardi Gras tradition! #SorryForPartying

Our favorite bar we hung out at to watch the Saints Game, The Beach on Bourbon-

And thank you to my friend Lindsay, if you buy $3 tooter shots, you get a local girl to put them in your mouth, with her mouth, yes her mouth, and do a sexually aggressive shot drop into your mouth. Yes I was not prepared for that and still slightly traumatized! Unfortunately, I cannot upload the hilarious video of me pushing her away, but you get the idea from the photos!

Plenty of bars outside and around Bourbon Street, here are some more of our other favorites-

Cafe Negril on Frenchmen Street-We always ended up here towards the end of the night, a hip Bob Marley themed bar, and live music from singers jamming all the best R&B tunes that you always know the lyrics to.

Pat O’Brien’s on Peter Street-

This was the first bar I met my friends at near Bourbon Street, and of course my friends started this trip off with a bang, with an infamous bru rock sliding and rock kicking on stage with the live band! Where we got introduced to the multi liquored cocktails such as Hurricanes and Rainstorms. Clearly.

Also, on Peter Street, Preservation Hall-

A great experience our mate, Mel suggested for us to do, $20 per person in cash to see an amazing live jazz band for about a half hour, and you can bring your own drinks! You can sit on cushions in the front, seats in the back, or just get up and dance to the happy go lucky jazz melody. Old school locals jamming out on saxophones, trumpets, and drums. There is absolutely no phones, photos, or recording allowed while you enjoy the show, which I absolutely agree with. The experience is meant to be completely engaged and present in the moment with the heart of real jazz music.

Photo from my bru @theultrame
Photo from my bru @theultramel

French Quarter, New Orleans
French Quarter, New Orleans
French Quarter, New Orleans
French Quarter, New Orleans

3. Walking Around the French Quarter-

Beautiful French Quarter is a busy part of town that is so alluring and fun to check out. The food is also astounding here, and thanks to the ultimate food lover, Mel @theultralmel, who is an avid foodie, she got to experience some amazing food that we got to indulge in as well.

Photo @ultramel
Photo @theultramel

Cafe Du Monde-Coffee, Tea, and Donuts-

This place was such a delicacy! The French pastry is a soft doughnut, known as beignet, and covered in powdered sugar and finished with a big cup of coffee. Perfect spot for a breakfast dessert, or just a treat for yourself during the day, but something one must experience!

Photo @theultramel
Photo @theultramel Jackson Square

4. Other restaurants to try- Mel and her boyfriend loved Willie’s Chicken Shack on Bourbon Street, very popular spot for the best fried chicken in town

Photo @theultramel
Photo @theultramel

Gumbo Shop on Peter Street-After an exhilarating airboat ride, our group indulged in this quaint little restaurant, where no pictures were taken, but we chowed down on the best gumbo I have ever had! Also, we tried alligator sausage which was surprisingly really good! Ask for a server named James, he’s eccentric and hilarious, and knows a lot of cool things to do in town, he has great recommendations.

Jacques-lmos Cafe-A very hip restaurant that is known to serve real authentic New Orlean’s food. A dark and low key cafe/restaurant and more on the expensive side, and definitely necessary to make a reservation since a very popular spot. About 20 minutes outside of the French Quarter, and worth experiencing the unique appetizers like garlic buttered cornbread muffins, or fried green tomatoes, and my favorite entree where I tried grilled redfish for the first time. Very fast paced kind of restaurant, a lot going on, and with laid back cool waiters that can get away with any kind of attitude since the food is the real reason these guests come back for more.

4. My Best Friend’s Wedding Party at Terrell Guest House-Bed and Breakfast on Magazine Street-

The beautiful bride Kacee @kacee_brooke

Another very beautiful and quaint Southern house to hold such a fun place to celebrate their marriage. And the flower arrangements and candle decorations were to die for!

Photo Reider Sisters @katreider @bons_marie
Photo Reider Sisters @katreider @bons_marie

5. Then we got to finalize the celebration by joining the newly weds on a Second-Line-

According to our itinerary, “The Second-Line has a deep rich history in New Orleans. When performed during weddings, it signifies the beginning of a new life for the Bride and Groom. A Second-Line has two parts. The “First-Line” is the band and the honored guests, the Bride and Groom. “The Second-Line” follows the Bride and Groom dancing and parading to the lively music while wavering handkerchiefs and celebrating their new life together.”

Hope you enjoyed, y’all!

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