Hiking Red Rock Canyon in SoCal

Hiking Red Rock Canyon in SoCal

Winter weather is finally starting to come to Southern California, and while we are still getting those bright sunny days, there is a cool crisp feel in the air making my beach days slim. Starting to get chilly for us SoCal peeps which means anything around 60 degrees is cold for us! So, thought I would switch it up a bit, and venture more inland and up North from where I grew up in Lake Forest, California.

Just casually looked online for any hikes near me, and these cool ass photos popped up for this hike, Red Rock Canyon. A stretch of a rocky terrain scenery that you would only expect to see somewhere in the desert, like in Arizona. But to my disbelief, this amazing discovery was just a 5 minute drive from where I live!

Quickly, I threw on some light winter gear, hopped in my ride, and sped off to this surprisingly easy hike that only takes about 2 miles to get to this epic rock display. Perfect for a quick morning workout, mountain biking, or to check out some wildlife, I got to see some deer! For any of my fellow locals, here is some quick tips and photos on how to get to this amazing place, or for anyone looking for some inspiration to explore hidden gems near where you live. Definitely a cool unique place I will come back to a lot!
ADDRESS: Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park-26701 Portola Pkwy, Lake Forest, CA, 92610

Entrance to the hike, Borrego Canyon Trail, and Google Maps will easily direct you here, and it costs $3 to park for a ticket to place in your car (machine takes debit or credit cards). Recommended to come in the morning to beat the heat and parking spots are very limited here.

Continue onto Borrego Canyon Trail, and stay straight on the path until you reach here. You are going to see different little intersections along your way, but continue to stay straight until you see this spot. READ THE MAP INFORMATION: there are mountain lions, so please read the available information to use caution and how to stay safe if you see one. It is extremely rare to see them, or for them to attack any hikers, and they do tend to stay in more dense and shaded areas where more deer are active. But you are still in their land, so be wise and safe. The info is helpful and gives you insight on what to do if you ever see one. It takes about 1.5 miles to reach this spot on the trail.

Once you read the map and information, head towards your right and you will see another path that leads to the next resting intersection.

This is the next resting spot, where you can take different trails around this wilderness park. To get onto the Red Rock Canyon trail, head straight towards the lunch tables and to your right, is the path that will lead you to the entrance of the trail. The signs you will see on the trail are below to help you along the way!

Never recommend to hike alone, but if you are going to hike this alone, please let someone know you are hiking here before you go. Overall, this is a fun and easy hike, worth the visit xoxo

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