Photos from Joshua Tree

Photos from Joshua  Tree

Joshua Tree, California-a desert escape where time stands still, your mental clarity is awakened, you breath in fresh cool air, and overall just a great place to be one with nature and friends. It’s been one week since my short trip, and going through my photos still brings a sweet smile to my face. I had a fun and crazy time with friends, but overall Joshua Tree is really a peaceful place in the desert where life can slow down and you can escape your work life for a bit.

The best part about visiting Joshua Tree, of course, is exploring all over. You will see a ton of Joshua Trees all along the desert, the twisted and bristled trees. JT also has some rugged rock formations and vast landscape where you can walk around or head into the national park. The perfect outdoor scenery where photo lovers indulge because JT is so unique and unlike any other desert that I have been to before.
Totally get why JT has become such a popular place in California to explore. If you find your way out here, definitely worth a visit-Here are some photos of my trip, just having fun with friends and living our best lives #OneWith

Joshua Tree, California

Joshua Tree, California

Joshua Tree, California

Joshua Tree, California

Joshua Tree House
Our Joshua Tree House

Pioneertown, California
If you have time, stop by Pioneertown

Being here, you are on permanent cruise control, Happy Adventuring x

P.S. In Pioneertown, stop by Pappy & Harriet’s, for a good meal and music.

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