Road Trippin Around O’ahu

Road Trippin Around O’ahu

Lately I have been feeling pretty lonely and low, I know it may be hard to believe for someone to feel down living in beautiful Hawai’i, but being on your own is definitely an up and down experience. I feel like when you take yourself completely out of your comfort zone, and plant yourself into a new world, the high you feel in a new place is so exhilarating. You embrace everything in such a thrilling way in every sense of the word. But, when you feel one extreme in such an elated way for awhile, the opposite extreme can soon take over, and then you feel things immensely in a very, very low way. Being in a new place and away from home takes some time to adjust, and you just got ride the wave of life!

So, it was perfect timing for a best friend to come visit me here, and bring some love from back home to cheer me up. I haven’t been inspired to write or had time to do anything for myself since I have been working a lot also. It was nice to give myself a holiday to catch up on some rest and relax. He spoiled me rotten on this trip being the amazing friend that he is, and he rented us a badass Jeep to cruise around O’ahu. Best pick me up to be silly and run rampant around island!

Here are some of the cool spots I showed him around O’ahu and some good spots for first timers.

1. Hanauma Bay

Coming to O’ahu for your first time is a lot to take in, a lot of cool places you are going to want to see and check out. So, when my friend arrived, I wanted to give him some ideas and see what he wanted to do on his short holiday. We decided on day one of our road trip, to drive along the East coast of island and check out some exotic beaches that I knew he would love.

Hanauma Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches on island, and I definitely recommend to spend a day here to snorkel. But, if you are cruising around the island, this is still a great spot to view from afar, so you can really appreciate the panoramic view of this historical paradise.

2. Makapu’u Tom Tom Trail

Right across the way from Makapu’u Lookout, is a hike that leads you to an epic panoramic view of Makapu’u and Waimanalo Beach. Another glimpse of paradise that I knew my friend would love, and we were able to get a fun hike in as well. However, this hike is kapu, (forbidden in Hawaiian), so go at your own discretion. We definitely were being cautious, and of course kept going in the wrong direction in order to be safe!

You are very high up and the cliffs are steep, so no need to be silly or obnoxious around the edges for a cool photo. Be smart and safe always with hiking, and never hike alone!

3. Lanikai Beach

After our fun hike, it was definitely time to jump in the ocean to cool off, and I knew the perfect beach to go to next, Lanikai Beach. A mellow and secluded beach filled with mostly locals, with nothing but white sand and turquoise blue water for days. An incredible quiet Hawaiian paradise that really draws you in, and you can’t help but to just relax and enjoy the view.

4. Waimea Falls

On day two of our road trip, we headed for North Shore, the land of peace. We wanted to fit a waterfall in, so figured we would check out Waimea Falls since I have never been either. A popular tourist attraction with a $16 entrance fee, including wearing a life jacket for the waterfall that makes you feel like a 6 year old! But, definitely worth checking out, Waimea Valley is gorgeous and there is a lot to see. Walking to the waterfall doesn’t take long either, and after walking along the trail when it is hot out, this is the perfect way to cool off at the end.


5. Banzai Pipeline

After chasing an easy waterfall, we wanted to chill out on the beach, so I took him to Pipeline to hopefully catch some surfing. The waves were not popping unfortunately, but we got to see a honu (Green Sea Turtle) swimming around the shore. Just being here was so worth both of us coming to, something that we both needed, quiet and calmness, exactly what North Shore seeps into people when they come here. Giving you the gift of a peaceful mind with barely anyone else around.

And of course ended our days with gorgeous sunsets xoxo



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