Kicking it Around the Cove-Halona Beach Cove and Blowhole

Kicking it Around the Cove-Halona Beach Cove and Blowhole

After some rainy days on O’ahu, (our Hawaiian winter came a little late this year), it was nice to see the sun coming up on a glorious Sunday, and I knew exactly where I wanted to be, Halona Beach Cove. This perfectly fitted paradise is one of my favorite beaches on O’ahu and so incredibly unique. I noticed this beach along the Kalanianole Highway after a couple months of living here, and was so blown away by what I saw down below. A hidden cove that looked like something you would imagine in a fantasy, turquoise blue water surrounded by gorgeous dark cliffs made from lava, with only a few people laying out on the perfectly tanned sand. A little pocket of an idyllic secluded paradise that I can’t believe I didn’t notice sooner! When I want to get out of Waikiki, but stay close to town, this is my favorite beautiful escape. I love coming here and exploring around the cove watching the waves blow and have some solo relaxing time. This is definitely a cool spot on O’ahu to check out, and here is some of the fun things you can do while you are here!

Halona Blowhole

A popular lookout along the Kalanianole Highway that you will see right before Sandy Beach is the Halona Blowhole, (Halona is “lookout” in Hawaiian). The best time to come here is on windy days when the tide is high, because the ocean breeze will send the turbulent waves to crash along the rock formation, and shoot sea spray high into the air. People love standing along the rail and watching the waves blow, and see whales out into the far sea, (whale season is from December-March). When I came here today it wasn’t the best day, but I always see waves blowing high walking around. It is not safe or encouraged to walk down below, I only went because the weather was in very good and safe conditions. Still an ideal lookout spot to take amazing photos of the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Even just enjoying the scenery of powerful waves crashing along the rocks, or whales swimming out in the distance is worth the quick stop. 

Halona Beach Cove

To the right of the blowhole entrance and parking area, you will see a tall sign covered in colorful stickers warning you not to enter what is so beautifully hidden down below. Enter at your discretion, and you will be introduced to a heavenly paradise that allures you in more with each step you take down the rocky path. The temptation is too hard to pass up just seeing this incredible beach from the highway, a great spot to explore or even to appreciate it’s beauty for a quick moment. Head on down, and you can have a fun day exploring. You don’t need to spend that much time here either!

This is a perfect place for a solo beach day or hanging with friends, and people like to check out the cool lava formations that surround the cove. The waves can be turbulent, so only recommended to walk around if weather is in good condition. You will see people jumping into the turquoise pool from the close edge that sits right against the ocean, (when it is safe!), or walking along the beach and checking out the cool cave! I love taking Snapchats and photos using the lining of the cave as an outside frame walking through.

I always feel very fortunate when I am here, it always feels like a secret exclusive beach that only a few know of its existence. Whenever I come here, it is never too crowded, and you always see more people up along the rail looking down at you from the lookout, as if they are too scared to come closer. A hidden gem that locals love to hang out at and ironically nicknamed this beach, Cockroach Cove!

Another cool fact, this sandy cove is from the 1953 popular movie, From Here to Eternity, (film name is the other nickname for this beach), where an infamous kissing scene was filmed between Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr, where they were rolling along the shore passionately making out with the waves crashing on them having a huge romantic moment.

If the waves are mellow, this is also a cool unique spot to snorkel. The blue water is crystal clear, and I always see some sort of sea life, mostly fish and sea turtles. People love taking underwater photos here and having fun exploring. Definitely have a good snorkel mask and fins since the waves can be strong, definitely not the easiest water to swim around in. But worth it when weather is good!

Walk Along the Tide Pools Towards Sandy Beach

When the weather is in good condition of course, I go towards the left of Halona Beach Cove, and walk along the cliffs towards the tide pools to head back over to Sandy Beach. If you are taking the 22 Bus from Waikiki, Sandy Beach is where you get dropped off and picked back up. I love walking around and watching the waves crash along the rocks. Such a nice relaxing walk to soak up the sun and appreciate the cool view of Sandy Beach.

Halona Beach Cove is unlike any other beach on O’ahu, and if you are looking for a great escape to a unique paradise, this is where you come to fulfill that fantasy.

Thanks for stopping by! Mahalos xoxo

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